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The Willows

Willowbrook Drive
St Mellons
Phone : (029) 20362382
Brewery : Brains

Opening times

10am :
11:30pm;10am - 11:30pm;10am
11:30pm;10am - 11:30pm;10am


Built in 1981. In its early years, 5.6% proof beer used to be brewed on the premises, visible through a window behind the bar.

Refurbished in 2004.

Food times

Noon :
6pm;Noon - 6pm;Noon
6pm;Noon - 6pm;Noon


This is a relaxed pub by day, with many couples eating, and a lively sporty pub by night. It has a modern décor and layout, with a raised non-smoking area. It is classified by Brains as a Value-Local pub.

It attracts all ages and types, including office staff. Has Internet connected quiz and juke-boxes.

They offer a good range of fair priced food.