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The Waterguard

Britannia Park
The Bay
CF10 4PA
Phone : (029) 20499034
Brewery : Samuel Smiths

Opening times

Noon :
11pm;Noon - 11pm;Noon
11pm;Noon - 11pm;Noon


'Assembled' in 1993 when the Victorian front section was moved, en masse from the Pier area of the bay. But not built until 2001. The bar has a photo of this event.

Oddly enough, the nearby Norwegian Church was also transported to its current location.

Food times

Noon :
9:30pm;Noon - 9:30pm;Noon
9:30pm;Noon - 9:30pm;Noon


A hybrid of styles outside, inside it has a very clean (aided by good air conditioning) and modern appearance, with massive sunny windows and lots of lounge seating. The décor is mostly in mauve.

It attracts a wide range of customers, including local apartment owners, National Assembly and other office workers, and tourists of course.

Vouchers for parking outside are obtainable from the silver tube shaped visitor centre.