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Unit 1 Ground Floor
Greyfriars Road

CF10 3AD
Phone : (029) 20232562
Brewery : Barracuda

Opening times

11:30am :
1am;11:30am - 1am;11:30am
1am;11:30am - 1am;11:30am


The ground floor of the multi-storey car park gave way to this and the Crockerton in 2003.

The name derives from the American sports team concept.

Food times

Noon :
9pm;Noon - 9pm;Noon
9pm;Noon - 9pm;Noon


Spacious, square in shape, modern, with cream, black, dark green and brickwork decor, this is a popular sports venue. It attracts a mix of customers, but manages to retain a friendly local pub atmosphere, quite an achievement in a City Centre pub.

The evenings tend to concede ground to dancing, with a regular DJ.

It is a particularly good place to eat, with a very extensive range of food at fair prices. Children are allowed in if eating.