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The Packet Hotel

95 Bute Street
The Bay
CF10 5AB
Phone : (029) 20487167
Brewery : Brains
GardenBeer garden

Opening times

Noon :
11pm;Noon - 11pm;Noon
11pm;Noon - 11pm;Noon


Built in 1864 as a hotel mainly for sailors. There is an unwritten law that a sailor caught with the tide out must be given boarding.

The pub name derives from the packet steamers that used to frequent the docks.

Extended in 1985, consuming the house next door.

Stained glass windows replaced in 2004.

Food times

Noon :
7:30pm;Noon - 7:30pm;Noon
7:30pm;Noon - 7:30pm;Noon


This is a splendid, spacious pub, a short walk from the bay front, but retaining its heritage look and feel. No more so than the fabulous mahogany construction behind the bar, with its columns and arches, and the 2 rope clad original pillars.

It attracts a cosmopolitan mix of office workers, opera singers, locals and tourists, the latter especially in the Summer months.

A mix of Italian and British bar staff are very welcoming, offering a mix of pasta and traditional meals.

It gets lively at weekends with 60's and 70's live music.