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The Golden Cross

282 Hayes Bridge Road

CF10 1GH
Phone : (029) 20394556
Brewery : Brains

Opening times

Noon :
11pm;Noon - 11pm;Noon
2am;Noon - 2am;Noon


A grade 2 listed building, with a listed tiled 1906 painting of Cardiff Castle, it was built in 1849 as the Shield and Newcastle Tavern. It became the Golden Cross in 1863.

Food times

Noon :
6pm;Noon - 6pm;Noon
6pm;Noon - 6pm;Noon


This is a traditional pub of some considerable size, voted in 2004 as the best gay pub in the UK. Sunday drag acts cater to this audience, but non-gays are regulars here as well, made welcome by friendly and award winning bar staff. Families and office workers are also attracted by the good range of food.

This was the top pub to appear in the 2005 top 100 places in Cardiff to visit.

The large bar is split into two sections, one with a fabulous curved tiled bar front. The lounge and the hall outside the toilets also have painted tile pictures.