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Castle Street

CF10 1XD
Phone : (029) 20347247
Brewery : Intercontinental
GardenBeer garden

Opening times

6pm :
2am;6pm - 2am;6pm
2am;6pm - 2am;6pm


At the foot of the Intercontinental Hotel, built in 1973. Was the Toucan Club until becoming Callaghans Irish Bar in 1999. The Irish concept has faded over time.

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Located at the Bute Park corner of the Millennium Stadium, this is a rare central pub with not only a car park (courtesy of the hotel), but also Sky Sports and a grass garden, not obvious from street level.

It is a traditional pub, with a 1960's feel, and a massive focus on live music, with Sunday/Tuesday bands, Monday open mike, Wednesday Irish Folk, Thursdays student music, Fridays Celtic rock and a DJ on Saturdays.

The balcony seating overlooks the River Taff, with a largish garden below with park bench seating.

It is necessarily inundated by stadium visitors on match days, but is a very popular haunt for music lovers, with many 20-somethings ignoring most other pubs in preference to this one.

It still has a snug, with a stained glass window declaring this!

The pub is always open during Millennium stadium match days.