A hybrid of styles outside, inside it has a very clean (aided by good air conditioning) and modern appearance, with massive sunny windows and lots of lounge seating. The décor is mostly in mauve.

It attracts a wide range of customers, including local apartment owners, National Assembly and other office workers, and tourists of course.

Vouchers for parking outside are obtainable from the silver tube shaped visitor centre.
'Assembled' in 1993 when the Victorian front section was moved, en masse from the Pier area of the bay. But not built until 2001. The bar has a photo of this event.

Oddly enough, the nearby Norwegian Church was also transported to its current location.
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The Waterguard is so far ranked joint 65th with 21 other pubs
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Thursday 23 Oct 2014
Food was amazing and staff/ management friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed the unique ales being sold and I will happily recommend this pub to friends and family.
Saturday 12 Jul 2014
Went to the Waterguard with my best friend who had come to watch me graduate for a final drink before she left Cardiff and we waited what felt like an eternity to be served. In the end we left without having had a drink.
Saturday 12 Jul 2014
Visited the Waterguard with friends 11/07/14. The management were rude and aggressive, the service was slow, and the atmosphere was non-existent.
Saturday 12 Jul 2014
Popped into The Waterguard with my daughter and some friends on 11/07/14. The service was unbelievably slow (despite it being pretty quiet). Because it took so long for our desserts to arrive we had to leave. I requested a refund for the desserts and received a torrent of abuse from the new managers (I think one of them is called Dave)!! I can honestly say I experienced the MOST APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever had!! If you enjoy SLOW SERVICE, SULLEN STAFF, MEDIOCRE FOOD AND ABUSIVE, AGGRESSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, you will undoubtedly enjoy The Waterguard, if not, I'd give this establishment a VERY wide berth under the current management!!
Sunday 25 May 2014
Went to the Waterguard on 20/05/2014 for food with family. Should have realised when no one else was eating . waited 45 mins for food to arrive and what a disappointment, frozen veg (cold) Steak & kid pudding rock hard, pulled pork roll dry and tasteless. If places cant do food just put on sarnies and chips.
Saturday 26 Apr 2014
I agree with the previous reviewer in that it is a beautiful building in a great location. I am the opposite in that I enjoyed my pint in there without the distraction of thumping music or a tv blasting away. If you want a place to sit quietly, chat or read the paper with your pint this is it.
Thursday 9 Jan 2014
Beautiful building in beautiful location. Unfortunately the inside completely souless and devoid of atmosphere. Had to 'endure' my pint in complete silence.